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There are hundreds of ways businesses and individuals/families/communities alike can establish green practices. Below is an ever-evolving and growing list of practices and information that I feel are relatively easy to implement, for the most part not cost prohibitive, and can make a big difference in a relatively short period of time.



leafEliminate Junk Mail

leafEncourage Suppliers to Reduce Packaging and to Use Recycled Packaging Materials

leafBuy Recycled and Green Office Products

leafUse Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

leafConserve Water (and the energy to deliver it)

leafConserve Energy

leafConserve Fuel and Prevent Pollution

leafGreen Web Hosting and Domain Registration

leafInvest in Renewable Energy

leafChoose Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Building Methods and Materials

leafReduce Your Carbon Footprint

leafBecome a Certified Green Business

leafPatronize Green Companies Locally and Nationally

leafEncourage Employee Involvement

leafSocially-Responsible Investing

leafFair Trade Practices


leafEducational Resources

leafWonderful Information Submitted by Children!!!

leafJoin Green and Sustainable
Associations and Organizations

leafHelpful Links/Info from Our Friends Across the "Pond"!

leafAttend Green and Sustainable Events Both Locally and Nationally

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